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One of the most prestigious art fairs of the year - TEFAF will take place in Maastricht, the Netherlands from 7 to 15 March. The exhibition has built a reputation for introducing exceptional artists from various disciplines - from antique works of art and great master painters to high jewelry - and very few jewelers can qualify to exhibit their Haute carpentry designs. Here we would focus on a few important designers and Maisons who will participate in TEFAF 2020.

Cindy Chao

One of the exhibitors is a talented Taiwanese jeweler Cindy Chao. Cindy occupies a very specific niche within fine jewelry; creating a few pieces a year, and releasing an annual butterfly based design. The 2019 Black Label Masterpiece I ‘Aurora Butterfly Brooch’ features 6,023 stones including triangular rose-cut diamonds, 8.48 carats of bright pigeon’s blood Burmese rubies, and gradating blue sapphires layered with yellow diamonds set within a light framework of titanium and aluminum. Not only one jewelry lover falls in love with his work.


Hemmerle is not a newcomer to the show. The fair is one of only two art exhibitions at which the jewelry shop exhibits jewelry outside the Munich studio. The design they decided to bring to this year's edition will convey the visual codes that have become the signature of Hemmerle: unusual organic materials, carefully handcrafted technical elements, and tonal precious metals and precious stones. Whether you are exploring a bronze melon pearl, an orange sapphire, a conch shell and the precious sapphire safari earrings from Sri Lanka; a necklace containing a prominent old aquamarine with Hemmerle signature revived Austrian knitted bead technique, or a ring featuring a huge old mining diamond set in a grid-patterned iron - Hemmerle's aesthetics became unmistakable and their designs were highly desirable.

Wallace Chan

Wallace Chan is an icon that should come to your mind when we are in the field of master jewelers, is Wallace Chan and an inimitable artist will present his latest works on TEFAF 2020. Some of his latest creations feature his patented original material invention. Wallace Chan Porcelain '- including a cosmic fate, puzzle puzzles, a garden of dreams and a necklace guardian of time - will all be exhibited at the TEFAF exhibition. Windows to the Universe Parure is typically a sophisticated, glamorous symphony of live material in abstract, surreal, and even fantastic forms. The color necklace contains pearls, diamonds, pink sapphires, green tourmalines, tsavorite shells, white agate, lapis lazuli, and titanium, in addition to some of the precious materials the artist creates.

Otto Jakob

Otto Jakob is one of TEFAF's regular exhibitors, showing his works exclusively at his atelier and the Maastricht and New York editions of the fair - having participated in TEFAF Maastricht since 2008. One of the stand-out creations he will be showcasing this March is the Tettix earrings formed by nature cast wings of giant Malaysian katydids. This creature's wings emulate the shape and shade of leaves for camouflage, and this is reflected in the green vitreous enamel and plaque-à-jour enamel in light pink which Jakob has employed in this design. With dappled yellow gold highlights, the design also features a complex articulated suspension, which is delightfully set with green tsavorites, as well as yellow and light brown diamonds.

Do not miss this unique event where the true masters of this noble art, the art of making unique jewelry, will meet.
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