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Jean Paul Gaultier's

Jean Paul Gaultier announced that his couture show in the spring of 2020 will be his farewell to a career that lasted 50 years. He created fashion according to his own ideas and rules. France became national mourning. What no one knew was that the designer remembers the grand finale. 

But what an amazingly inventive, euphoric and heartbreaking spectacle - a celebration of all the values this unique designer embodied in his work through five decades of imagination, humor, humanity, and joy. Gaultier introduced the breathtaking look of the 200-plus, but who counted? ("To be honest, it was 10 times more than the first gigs I did!" Gaultier joked backstage. 

Indeed, it was a show that took place in Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris. The opening ceremony in 1862 by Empress Eugenia was the time when Nijinsky later debuted with the scandalous fauna of L'Après-midi d´un faune and where Diaghilev's ballet parade opened with an innovative background painted by Picasso - an ideal example of this great fashion iconoclast. At some point, the words are useless. We offer you a montage of the unique Jean Paul Gaultier fashion show | Haute Couture | Spring / Summer 2020 - 50 Years Of Fashion. Sit back, we're getting started. :

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