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Bentley Tech Collection
New Exciting Golf Experience

is no longer a brand that focuses only on cars. Bentley has created countless different accessories that are very popular among admirers of the brand. Bentley wants your ride wherever you go to be elegant and stylish. Whether you come to talk to your business partners or just walk in the brilliant sunshine of the French Riviera. Golf Lovers Should Attention This Time Bentley brings a little more elegance to this noble game with its new collection of golf clubs. It does not have to be just coming to golf with your Bentley, you can take it all the same level even with Bentley golf clubs.

The Bentley Tech Collection Golf Club set is inspired by the iconic Continental GT. To create a line, the brand says it has used the experience gained in designing its familiar sedan. The irons are equipped with titanium fronts that are connected to the carbon fiber backs for maximum power with each swing. The finely ground wedges have carefully positioned front grooves and rear cavities to assist in difficult terrain work. Putter combines high-density steel and soft aluminum to create support no matter where the player can hit.

Expecting any Bentley product, the aesthetic details were equally carefully considered for the materials. To balance modernity with the rich heritage of the brand, the diamond-shaped propeller rings around the club's grip reflect the accents found throughout the GT. Meanwhile, the current B Company logo is affixed to screws that are precisely positioned to maximize each club's technical potential.

To return, replicas of a different wheel center from the Le Mans winning Speed EXP 8 are placed on the wooden heads and end caps
. We cannot guarantee that Bentley clubs will improve your handicap, but there is no denying that they will help you play golf in style. A specific release date has not yet been announced and the brand has not published details about prices at the time of printing, but the Tech Collection will be available sometime this spring. 

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