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A Delivery Of a New
Luxurious 31.5 Meters Long Yacht Arcadia A105

The Arcadia Yachts, an Italian manufacturer of semi-custom luxury yachts,
finally delivered a brand new, 31.5 meters long Arcadia A105 yacht.
This news has made a lot of yacht lovers very happy and most of them are
looking forward to seeing it through their own eyes. But before the official
public debut that will happen in September at the Cannes Yachting Festival
the yacht will cruise the Western Mediterranean. 

The yacht was developed with the help of Hot Lab design studio and together
they’ve made an astonishing work. 

This result was achieved in part by an investment of over €30 million in recent years.
Our production facility is one of the most modern in the entire Mediterranean and we
can deliver all our models by the end of the 2019 season,
Ugo Pellegrino, director of Arcadia Yachts said. 

A convertible sky lounge, a space for 10 guests on the main deck, a dining room,
meeting room are a few of many things the yacht offers.

Luxurious accommodation for guests and crew members is a must-be. 



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