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Jaquet Droz new interpretation of
"Loving Butterfly“ for 2020

Watchmaker Jacquet Droz released a new interpretation of his "Loving Butterfly" slot machine for 2020, which includes a dial made from a rare form of prehistoric fossilized wood. The original Loving Butterfly was released in 2017 and several different versions of the slot machine, onyx, black mother-of-pearl, aventurine, and even meteorite dials, the vending machine depicting a scene in which a chubby chariot riding on a car drawn by a butterfly through a magic forest can be seen. Louis Jaquet-Droz. 

The highlight of the watch is a dial made of wood gassed 140-180 million years ago called chinchilla red; it is named after its location in Australia. Since the time of the dinosaurs walking on Earth, they have been made up of firs covered with volcanic ash swept by lava. According to Jacquet Droz, "extremely rare and dense mineral". It takes many hours of manual work to achieve a smooth material surface.

The previous version is housed in a 43mm 18mm red gold case, and the trigger mechanism is discreetly housed in a crown. The watch is powered by a self-retracting caliber JD2653 AT1 with silicon balancing spring and pallets and an automatic mechanism. only 28 examples of Jacquet Droz Loving Butter with chinchilla red will be available for sale worldwide, so far there is no word on prices.

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