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Theodoros Fotiadis Introduced
The Concept of Stormbreaker

Berlin yacht designer Theodoros Fotiadis introduced the concept of the world explorer Stormbreaker. The Stormbreaker, designed to travel to the most remote places in the world, offers its new owners the most incredible experience ready for construction at 90 or 115 meters. 

As Jim Evans has described, the Stormbreaker motorboat is a razor-sharp exterior line and "is the next level of explorer no matter where you are. The concept encompasses all the elements that customers are looking for excitement and consolation; hard exterior, eye-catching design, bottomless toy chest, efficient drive, remote control options and highest connectivity. " 

Stormbreaker intends to redefine the boundaries of technological innovation with a fully integrated and interactive audiovisual experience from Icon Connect, which will be able to record and broadcast live footage from the outside. Another key feature is the complex glass atrium, located in the center of the ship. 

In addition, a high-tech communication system with a high-speed Internet connection will be available so that the owner can stay connected even when away from the network. Designed to withstand the most extreme weather conditions, the Stormbreaker will have a large Tender garage capable of accommodating smaller boats or submarines, a beach club, spa and gym complex, cigar lounge, observation deck, swimming pool, dining room, private owner's office, art gallery, and heli hangar. 

"This yacht is designed for people who like to walk out of the grid and who experience something unique every time they are on board. Very different muse from a more traditional cruise. With exterior design and layout, there is plenty of room for creativity. As for the technical requirements and drive elements, which in this case are diesel-electric, they are fully integrated from the start, "he added.

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