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Review of Ritz Carlton
In Hong Kong

Looking for an exceptional hotel that you would like to show off to your friends? We have a unique destination in Hong Kong, there is one place to stay The Ritz Carlton Hong Kong. Ritz Carlton Hong Kong, located 118 floors above the city in ICC West Kowloon, will take you to a place of luxury, peace, and harmony. With two dining options at the Michelin Star Champion, the world's tallest bar, a dedicated caviar bar, a heavenly spa, and last but not least, views of Hong Kong, which can only be described as incredible, it's a complete package! On our last trip to town, we were asked to learn more about this iconic luxury hotel in town, read on to find out more. 


The Ritz Carlton brand, who would not know this unique hotel chain, which is known worldwide and is synonymo us with luxury and excellence. In fact, the hotel has a common bling factor: in marble, crystal, black, and chandeliers in communal areas, while the rooms are generous in floor space, but also cozy in design while making the most of Hong Kong's floor views. ceiling windows. The wow factor at the hotel is its views of Hong Kong, which are uninterrupted from all sides of the building as they are the tallest building in the city and one of the tallest in the world.

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