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Aquavision and Its
New Image Perception

Lovers of large diagonals have something to look forward to. British top television company Aquavision has presented the most luxurious offer so far. The LCD screen, called the DB100, measures an incredible 100 inches and has a 4K resolution. But the DBB100 is much more than its huge size and UHD display; it comes with a 24-carat gold-coated stand and space, while the TV's audio hardware was created in collaboration with Bang & Olufsen. The TV is also waterproof, making it ideal for luxury yachts and outdoor installations. You may have already guessed that the Aquavision DB100 will not be cheap. In fact, it comes with a sticker price of GBP 100,000 (approximately $ 130,000) and is available exclusively at Harrods in central London. 

Despite the sharp pricing of the Aquavision DB100, the company says it has already received many orders from the UK, the Middle East, and the US. "This is our ultimate luxury television. It's the main statement people with style and wealth can enjoy. We believe it to be the most amazing and unique television in the world, "said founder and CEO of Aquavision Alastair Benn.

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