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Dynamiq’s Nimble Yacht:
A New Look at Design

Dynamiq’s Nimble Yacht 160 was created as a new design path. This intelligent design makes you feel more spacious inside or outside.

For yachting, a length of 50 meters or 160 feet is a magical line: The yacht is big enough to be large, with generous range, comfort, and outdoor space, but not big enough to buy and own. and its operation is becoming an industry. No wonder 165-foot deals are rich and full of similar options, which is why when Dynamiq decided to enter the screed, he did so with respect to the difference.

"We asked ourselves," What can we bring to a market that makes more sense to our clients? "Said CEO and founder Sergei Dobroserdov when the company began six years ago. The borderless list of well-being ranges from the main cabin with the main deck with an open-air balcony to both sides, the entire kitchen with a breakfast bar for a professional chef or a serious home cook, to a movie lounge with a 75-inch screen. screen and bar.

The rear main deck follows a beach club with a spa bath for 12 people, a spa center and a gym. The unusual location of this area has a great impact on increasing the gracious life on board. "I like to go on cruises and see different places, find great new bays or hidden islands," Dobroserdov said. "So I created an exaggerated crow nest on the upper deck. There is a separate rudder position, so you can truly observe 360 ​​yards on this yacht."
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