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Design Therapy by Singer
For Your Classic Porsche

Porsche lovers have time to enjoy. Singer can truly make them a classic darling. Of course, Singer is not just about Porsche. 

Founded in Southern California a decade ago by a British product designer, former rock singer/guitarist and Porsche terminal obsessed with Rob Dickinson, Singer begins with an atypical but 911 sound card from the early 1990s. These 964 air-cooled cars are a year old enough to have a Porschefil license, but modern enough to provide a good basis for what Dickinson will do next. The chassis is reinforced plain and welded for strength. The engine is rebuilt by Californian Ed Pink Racing Engines. Mounted to order, the cab is completely redesigned and the chassis is clad in Dickinson's carbon fiber panels that distill the essence of the older, more agile 911's. 

Each vehicle takes about 4,000 hours to complete, with an emphasis on detail and the level of finish that competes with the watch industry. Metal elements in the interior are nickel-plated for a warmer and shinier finish. The shift knob in one model has a balsa lining, a subtle reference to the ultra-light Porsche 917 racer in the late sixties. If necessary, the engine compartment may be covered with leather. What Singer does for these cars goes beyond renewal or customization: it is intensifying their Porsche-ness. Dickinson understands what makes the early 911s so compelling and gently and respectfully dials. Resistance is futile.

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