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These Extraordinary People Have
Built an Empire From Scratch. How to Do It?

These extraordinary and charismatic people had not always settled on the roses, and most of them could even say that they entered the business from scratch. But instead of discouraging them and bowing their heads and being carried away, they decided to follow their dreams and become successful. We will be happy to introduce you to billionaires starting from scratch. 

John Paul DeJoria 

Even as a little boy, he did various jobs to financially support his family. When he was 22, his wife left him and left him alone with a 2-year-old son. At that time, they found themselves on the street for a few days. Thanks to borrowed $ 700, he and
Paul Mitchell decided to start a business and start selling shampoo. The beginnings were not at all easy and at that time slept in the car. At present, its assets are estimated at $ 3.1 billion, USD 

Ken Langone 

In order to pay for his studies at
Bucknell University, Langone worked in various strange jobs and his parents had to start a house. In 1968 he merged with Ross Perot to establish the Electronic Data System. Two years later, he began working with Bernard Marcus to found Home Depot. Thanks to his determination to go beyond his goal, his assets worth $ 3.7 billion 

Oprah Winfrey 

was born in a poor family in Mississippi, and her grandmother dressed her in a bag of potatoes because they had no clothes. However, this did not prevent her from getting a scholarship at Tennessee State University and becoming the first African American correspondent in the US at the age of 19. In 1983 she moved to Chicago to work on the AM talk show, which was later renamed "The Oprah Winfrey Show”. Thanks to his Show, the world knows her today. Oprah thus ppčs his work, which still continues to accumulate assets worth 2.6 billion, USD 

Zhou Quenfei 

Zhou Quenfei, founder of Lens Technology, did not have a simple childhood with successful women. When she was 5 years old she lost her mother and her father was blinded in a factory accident. From an early age, she had to learn how to survive without the help of others. Today,
Zhou is the richest self-made billionaire with an estimated asset value of $ 9.3 billion. dollars. 

Sheldon Adelson 

We have already brought you an article about Sheldon Adelson but not putting it on this list would be most disrespectful, so we'd like to remind you.
Sheldon Adelson, who grew up in Dorchester, Massachusetts, was born into poverty. 

He had to work as a 12-year-old when he started selling newspapers. After being fired from the City College of New York, he tried his luck in various areas, for example. operated vending machines, newspaper advertising. During the Great Recession, he lost almost all the money but gradually earned it again. And even more. Today it operates Las Vegas Sands, the largest casino company in the world. USD 28.1 billion so he liked him in the category of the super-rich. 

Articles like this are meant to show you the path of people who have worked their way up to the highest career ranks.

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