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New Dresses
From Youma Leth
and Why You Want Them All

In 2020 we want from life more than nice clothes and tasty food. We want to buy responsibly, less but in better quality, we want to invest in good fabrics and to know who makes our clothes.

Youma Leth

In the new decade, we are more self-conscious and aware of what we would like to achieve in life. One of our goals is peace of mind and health balance. We lust to explore the world and taste new cultures. It wouldn’t be a lie to claim that all of that you can find in one clothing brand created by Youma Lethielleux, a French designer, globetrotter and cosmopolitan who uses her travel adventures through the paths of Europe and the Silk Road to materialise into stunning dresses.

La Knightsbridge

Since early childhood Youma was exploring the world with her mother, a worldwide known writer. Young Youma gained wisdom during her trips discovering new cultures and various fashion trends. Early years in Australia and New Zealand greatly influenced her. India showed her how the world of fabrics is amazing and complex. The experience as a personal shopper in the Emirates gave her the ability to fully understand what all women want from fashion.

Being based in Dubai for a few years she learnt a unique and sophisticated taste for fashion by observing Middle Eastern women. France, her homeland gave her natural sense of elegance. During the fashion education and work experience she discovered the knowledge of textiles and developed necessary practical skills. Finally, in 2017, relocation to London inspired her to launch the brand with luxury dresses – “Youma Leth”.

La Chelsea

However, there is something more behind luxury, elegant and comfort dresses that are designed by Youma. The designer not only inspires us to travel around the world but to take a journey inside ourselves as well. Youma is also running a second business with her mother - retreat trips to amazing places like Mexico, Morocco, and India where she shows people how to find a feeling of peace and balance in their fast life.

La Mykonos

She shares the wisdom about lifestyle and mental health on her blog on the website www.youmaleth.com where you can also purchase her amazing dresses. As if all that wasn't enough for you to think about planning holidays, the dresses are named by inspiring places that the designer visited. You might fall in love with pink Vienna or probably be amazed by Tulum dress.  Youma Leth brand is one of a kind because it combines luxury, beautiful dresses with something very important and difficult to reach nowadays - life balance. Who doesn’t want to have luxury goods, make a great career but in the same time find peace of mind? While it seems like a mission impossible Youma proves to her customers and readers that it is possible. The Youma Leth’s woman is a free spirit as well as an independent and successful businesswoman.
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