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Top Destinations According
To The Largest Guides

If you're wondering where to head for knowledge when we win over this insidious pandemic, we have some tips for you. Lonely Planet, the largest publisher of book guides, has excitedly published a list of the best countries, regions, and cities for the upcoming period. Certainly, you will choose from them. 

According to Lonely Planet, the best country is "a small piece of the Himalayan paradise" - Bhutan. "If you like mountains with snow caps, untouched nature and monasteries sounded by the sound of Tibetan horns, don't look any further," they justify their choice in the "Traveler Bible". 

One of the top destinations in the list of countries was England, full of "eternal treasures" such as historic castles and cathedrals, picturesque villages and countryside and, last but not least, the English coast. 

Malindi Kenya 

This bustling coastal village is home to a multicultural melting pot of African, Arab and European residents, and stunning natural beauty. Dotted with brawny palms, this historical Kenyan port town introduces travelers to the country's diverse aquatic wildlife in Malindi Marine National Park, making it an idyllic spot for divers. Known for its Swahili architecture, fresh-caught seafood, and natural wonders like the Marafa Depression – also known as Hell's Kitchen — this pristine beach town is much more than a laid-back sunny retreat. The country at large is also making sizeable strides in preserving our planet: at the recent UN Climate Action Summit, Kenya pledged to plant two billion trees by 2021 and committed to accelerating energy efficiency by three percent each year.  


Certainly, the selection presented here is not suitable for everyone, but the best is always where we feel best. So your nearest travel destinations that take you wherever you choose should be the most beautiful. 

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