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Moulay Omar Zahraoui:
Co-Founder of Tobacco
Giant Habanos S.A

Moulay Omar Zahraoui is Managing Director of Moroccan company Habanos, a leading producer, and distributor of premium cigars from Morocco. Habanos S.A has continued its expansion since 2015 when it entered the cigarette sector. Habanos S.A. is a national company that produces, distributes and exports tobacco products. Cigars are a very important market in Morocco because our country imports 20 million dollars annually on behalf of cigars. 

Habanos S.A with its own production unit in Casablanca and exports its premium product to the whole world, the company works with more than 500 tobacco farmers. Thanks to the investments made by the company, which is almost 1 billion DH, it has now become a tobacco company.

Habanos grows tobacco on more than 120 hectares of a tobacco plantation and cooperates with 520 farmers. The plans are a spectacular goal to plant 1,000 hectares of tobacco and thus employ 2000 tobacco growers. Today we have contracts with American, Emirate, European groups ... 

Moulay Omar Zahraoui is a representative of the success of science behind the company with great ambitions. The company has signed an agreement with the US group of $500 million. In addition, we expect to achieve export revenues of $1 billion in the near future. We offer you a unique opportunity to track the success of this businessman in the TCHIIN Social Network, where he has become a part of the Premium club.

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