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An Island as a Haven
for Your Vacation

Do you love the sea, but are crowded with overcrowded beaches? Do you want to have absolute peace and walk only those people you invite? You have only one solution, which is to procure your own island and become a voluntary loser and spend a few years on it.

Becoming the owner of a private island is no longer a rarity as in the past islands have many celebrities such as the star Marlon Brando, Johny Deep but I model Claudia Schiffer. The advantage is that on a private island should not happen to you that comes unwanted visit in the form of paparazzi.
 Of course, not everyone can afford the luxury of owning an island, so you have two options. 

You can buy or rent the island 

There are thousands of uninhabited islands all over the world that can be bought or rented. It is not legally possible to procure an island and declare a state with its own rules on it, all islands are under some government. Nevertheless, some islands try to do so by closing the so-called community of micronationsns. When buying an island, there are similar rules for buying any other property. If you have excess money, the island is a good investment that can continue to earn on a rental basis. 

Of course, it depends on the wishes of the buyers whether they want only a piece of land with their own beach or an island with a jungle, their own mountain range or a lagoon… There are thousands of islands on offer. 

Hidden celebrity paradise 

Buying a private island sounds like an investment that only celebrities or multimillionaires can reach. In some cases it is. Johny Deep paid $ 3.6 million for his Little Halls Pond Cay island in the Caribbean. The island is less than two kilometers long, it has six beaches with white sand and part of the island is also its own lagoon and forest. There is none other than the staff on the island. Marlon Brando, who also owned the island in Caribbean waters, advised Deep to buy his own island. Even more expensive island was procured by famous actor Eddie Murphy, who paid $ 15 million for his own private island. The most expensive island sold for $ 100 million, is called Ronde Island and is also located in the Caribbean.

Turnkey island 

In the offer of real estate companies, the islands are unaffected by civilizations without drinking water, electricity or telephone signals. More popular are the islands, which are at least partially equipped, there are roads, anchorage for the ship, or heliport. The luxury islands also include swimming pools, golf courses, and tennis courts. Of course, turnkey island prices are at a completely different price level compared to islands that are not equipped.

Island for the price of the house 

However, an ordinary mortal may own the island. The companies also offer islands whose price corresponds to the price of a new house somewhere in the center of a larger city, and that sounds like an interesting offer. Islands that can be bought for much lower amounts are found, for example, on Canadian lakes. In general, the most expensive islands are in the Caribbean or the Bahamas. The price of the island is influenced by the distance from civilization, equipment, infrastructure or the availability of drinking water.
If you are not sure that the island is a good investment, you can only try the life of the loser - a private island can be rented through various agencies. You can choose either complete isolation or apartments that guarantee together only 15 guests, so everyone can enjoy a piece of the island according to their own preferences. 

It is up to you how you decide and where you decide to spend your time. 



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