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Something Amazing is Going on
Over The Arctic, The Ozone
Hole in Retreat

The situation has been alarming so far. Scientists were sadder about the situation of the ozone layer over the Arctic. The situation has been alarming so far. This layer is thinning record, above the above-mentioned Arctic appeared unusual ozone hole.Such a situation is more than unusual in these areas. At the opposite end of the globe, Antarctica, such holes formed during the Australian Spring. This is something rare in the northern hemisphere. This was the last time this was a serious violation of this stratum in 2011. 

Optimism was not in place this year 

Experts say that this year there will be a loss of Arctic ozone. It should be even bigger than in 2011. At the end of March, Nature magazine was talking about a rare ozone hole over the Arctic. According to the media, its size is about three times larger than Greenland. "This hole is not a threat to human health and is likely to be targeted in the coming weeks. But it is an extraordinary atmospheric phenomenon that will be written into books," writes in Nature.

In this context, it should be stressed that the ozone layer is not just anything and protects all living beings and animals from ultraviolet rays. If it breaks down, there are many health problems, including skin cancer and other serious and fatal diseases. 

A positive change has come 

But now the situation has changed. This was also due to unconventional weather conditions over the Arctic, where these days a strong wind flow from the west causes a slow but certain disappearance of the ozone hole. This healing of the hole was also caused by very low-temperature air turbulence. 

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