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Airbus ACJ319
Luxury In Air

China, a country of many controversies where traditional values blend with modern ones. We'll look at one Chinese gentleman and his large, private tailor-made plane. This luxury aircraft is unique because it is a rebuilt Airbus. This ACJ319 is purchased for private use by an unidentified entrepreneur, full with a master bedroom, 2 lounges, dining areas, and a private lounge. Legendary things, right? The interior design is stunning and credits go to the French design firm Cabinet Alberto Pinto.

Plush beige and brown interiors lend warmth to passengers, including the main bedroom, main room, dining area, and private room.

Our favorite section must be the food part; the Airbus A319 Corporate Jet dining room comes with two sections of the dining table with large tables on each side. One side seat is four and is ideal for a group dinner, while the other has two seats and offers a more intimate environment.

How good are conversations in the clouds, unless you have a private lounge, where should you have them? The Chinese trader has a lot to talk about because his private living room is equipped with two sofas that are divided by a center table. If you have any guests onboard? Sofas can be turned into beds. So, as a host, you don't have to feel embarrassed if your trip is a little longer and you have to give your guests rest and comfort.

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