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Charming and Captivating
Fragrance by Rogue Perfumery

Rogue Perfumery, former chef Manuel Gross' indie perfumery project out of California, has built a reputation for eschewing the regulations that most perfumeries — even niche — follow: Namely the restrictions on aromatic materials which have contributed such a large part into what we have come to know as "the golden age of perfumery." If you have heard vintage lovers bemoaning the fall of the oakmoss chypre before, take just one whiff of Rogue Perfumery's Mousse Illuminee to understand what we're talking about. The spectacular foresty depth that makes it reverberate like an ancient tale of creation is enough to make you sit up and take notice.

Here we have a worthwhile brand that serves as modern rebelliousness against sameness.The brand's latest, Jasmin Antique, is especially noteworthy, keeping in mind just how many hardcore jasmine fans there are out there and how jasmine is the last step in a long list of ingredients heavily rationed in contemporary perfumery. 
 To hear that Rogue Perfumery has ventured into the domain of jasmine comes at the tail end of regulation of the natural percentage of jasmine grandiflorum in the finished formula as directed by IFRA in the very last season. 

Thankfully there are some rogues who bypass those regulations (which are not entirely justified, seeing as no one has died from a natural jasmine overdose, except pleasure), and Rogue Perfumery is one such case; led by Manuel Cross and the pursuit of those pure sensations that good materials can provide. 

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