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The Journey to Discover
The Best Bars In The World Part II

We will start the second part of our journey to the best bars in the world in China. It will be a tasting of an exceptional cocktail of tradition mixed with a modern view of drinks. We will move from picturesque China to the Nordic country to Norway to show you that this country also has people who have succumbed to the trend of creating a quality experience bar. A bar from beautiful Spain will roll on us with hot temperament.

The Old Man / Hong Kong, China 

Inspired by one of the most famous drinkers in history, The Old Man pays homage to writer Ernest Hemingway in a big way. Each drink is named after one of his famous texts, using novel ingredients in a most creative fashion, with culinary influences as well. The tiny space means you get involved in your neighbors' conversations, something heartily encouraged by bar owners Agung Prabowo, Roman Ghale, and James Tamang. 

Himkok / Oslo, Norway 

Himkok – Norwegian for moonshine – is spread over multiple levels. First up you are face to face with the tiny distillery that produces nearly 80% of all spirits used in the house. They are shaken up into drinks in the many microbars around the building. The ground floor is completed by an atmospheric cocktail bar and a courtyard focused on local ciders and beers. Upstairs you will find a barbershop and yet another bar serving cocktails on tap fittingly called Taptails. 

Salmon Guru / Madrid, Spain 

When it opened in 2016, Salmon Guru turbocharged a rather dormant Madrid scene. It showed locals there was life beyond the Gin Fizz with imaginative, quirky drinks suited to an elegant, quirky bar – a space divided into three distinct areas, running the gamut from 1950s tropical to comics lounge and Shanghai bordello. Word soon spread and international visitors started flocking for drinks such as the mezcal-based Chipotle Chillón, served with a choice of homemade mint and ginger lemonades on the side. 

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