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The Beauty of Botanica
Perceived Through The Eyes
of Jewelry Designers

Palm designs became a hit in 2017. Fashion and interior designs, and long before that, jewelry houses with these exotic prints create jewelry. Rainforests and tropical plants, which often inspire jewelry designers, excite by evoking warm, enchanting places and allow for color escape. Many designers have different perspectives on how to deal with this topic. We brought you a sample from talented jewelry designers. 

Carol Kauffmann 

Carol Kauffmann is another Brazilian designer whose jewels feature exotic motifs – specifically banana leaves - in her Botanica collection. Again, within the majesty of the Amazonian rainforest, Carol Kauffmann marvelled at the power of Brazil's nature. "The jungle has a lot to offer and so much to teach, my 'Botanica' collection is an homage to this," says the designer. The jewels in this line are spectacularly unique, with vivid blue, green, pink, and purple colored nano-ceramic coated silver and yellow gold inserts emerging from behind yellow gold leaves, and embellished in accents of similarly bright gemstones.  

David Morris 

Another jewelry house that explored the palm motif to the fullest is David Morris of London. This brand's Palm collection celebrates the exotic palm plant because of its symbolic function - signaling victory, peace, and fertility. This highly wearable and timeless collection includes earrings and rings with leaf design mirroring the gentle sway of a palm tree in a tropical breeze. Although most jewels are embellished with diamonds, a selection of colored stone designs has just been launched, and now amethysts, rubellites, green tourmalines, and aquamarines add a splash of color to Palm jewels.  

Silvia Furmanovich 

Understandably, Brazilian designers often choose to communicate their heritage with tributes to tropical flora and fauna. Silvia Furmanovich has created many one-of-a-kind jewels with palm motifs - and her Botanical collection was inspired by her frequent trips to the Amazon rainforest. In this line you'll find all manner of exotic plants; from calla lilies and pansies to multicolored rain-forest mushrooms and tropical, butterflies manifested in the designer's signature wood marquetry technique, dappled with gemstones and in an enormous variety of tones. 

Many other brands have created jewelry that sways to tropical climates. For example, the Jewelry Theater's collection of unique rainforest designs in yellow gold refers to the majestic colors of the rainforest in a range of gemstones: tourmalines, rubies, tsavorites, moonstones, and colored diamonds. Suzanne Syz has her own version of palm leaf earrings - named Hakuna Matata - studded with diamonds in a bright green shade of aluminum with a signature. Beverly Hills jeweler Ricardo Basta engraved with a palm tree on the stem of his turquoise cocktail ring, while Nak Armstrong, in his signature technique, created Banana Leaf Bahia earrings that combine a number of his own cut gems, in this case, tourmalines and Peruvian opals. The common thread among all the very different designer jewelry ode to the tropical world is an abundant and inapplicable color! 

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