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A Million Could Represent The New Rolls Royce Rose Phantom

Million. A number that can identify a lot of things when making a car like Rolls Royce. There are many possibilities that a million could represent. When we talk about Rolls Royce, we have to realize that people reaching for this car jewel are looking for uniqueness, reward, luxury, elegance, and always the best. This brand is the best choice to achieve these parameters. Rolls Royce offers a myriad of different combinations that you can configure to make your dream Rolls Royce fit your way. If that's not enough for you, there's the possibility of maximum individualism to turn your car into a work of art, literally.

So back to the million, the best craftsmen at Rolls Royce needed a million stitches to create the artwork they wanted for one client. One-on-one Rolls-Royce Phantom, which was correctly named Rose Phantom.
 Rolls-Royce, for example, tells us that one million stitches were sewn together to create this vision of flowers in the Rose Phantom's interior. It is a product of Bespoke Collective and the spiritual work of an unnamed "Stockholm-based entrepreneur" who absolutely loves flowers and is probably very rich. 

The scope of work and processing is completely exceptional. So often we see our own interiors full of mismatched colors just for the sake of pomp. The dominant shade of this stitch is silver, which matches Phantom Rose - yes, there is a rose that has been bred specifically for Rolls-Royce and that grows exclusively in the company's rose garden.

The shades of blue for the stems and leaves of the roses are in line with the outer shade of Peacock Blue from Phantom and the lighter Charles Blue, which are used on leather seats. Brighter colors are reserved for occasional butterflies because without butterflies you can't have roses.

Custom embroideries cover the headgear, door, and dash. Rolls-Royce does not mention how long this special project lasted, but it is certainly an impressive work of art. We are often treated with the top phrases of a luxury car manufacturer, but in this case, it is quite appropriate to call Rose Phantom a "sanctuary of true luxury, a vision of flowers, created with a million embroidered stitches."

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