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Top Model Nadine Mirada
is Storming all Doubters
With Her Curves

Symbol of the perfect curves of many teenage girls was and are models. For too long, the fashion world has been enclosed in a sort of bubble that did not accept femininity in its very essence and created an artificial impression of perfect curves. Fortunately, the situation has changed and the fashion industry has understood the important role of women in this sector.

One such symbol is the world-famous model Nadine Mirada. After establishing herself as a model, she vividly embodies the victory over doubters after completing her fourth Guess / Marciano campaign. "My natural curves are my unique personal offer," she proudly added.

Question: Nadin, the beginnings are certainly difficult, especially with the competition that is in your industry. What was going on in your head when you went to the casting for big fashion houses?

Nadine: Interesting question. I never mentioned what's going on in my head before castings. Usually, my clients book me directly. So I know, that they want me and I don’t have a competitive situation where I might be nervous. I guess this is because after the years they know what I stand for and there is always a special reason for booking me.

Question: How do you feel that you became an Austrian top model with Venus curves?

Nadine: It’s truly a dream come true. It was the biggest dream in my entire life!

Question: What feelings does it make you? Do you feel that this is an opportunity to become a role model for other women who would like to enter this industry?

Nadine: It took me a bit longer to reach my goal than I would have planned, but I am so thankful that I’ve stayed true to myself and my body. I am really proud of the woman I have become and am really in tune with who I am both physically and mentally. Yes, with my attitude and self-confidence, I think I am a role model for many women out there.

Question: How do you motivate women to feel proud and comfortable in their bodies?

Nadine: I live what I preach. “If you want to shine glamorous on the outside you have to feel happy and self-confident in the inside”. This is my secret number one I love to share with you. Another one is: “Do not hide or be ashamed of your curves! An outfit always looks great when worn with personality and confidence - both of which have nothing to do with body type or measurements. But when it comes to actually choosing the outfit, don’t hide your body with oversized, tent-like clothing. Instead, focus on really emphasizing your own, unique silhouette by highlighting parts of your body that you love and want to show off. Overall, a well-groomed appearance, great shoes, and carefully selected accessories (especially jewelry) give every outfit that perfect touch.

Question: How did you feel when you got your first big campaign? What was happening inside you? How did you feel about this information?

Nadine: The first really big campaign with an international impact was for guess 3 years ago. I worked really hard for this goal. I always knew that the day will come and never doubted about it. But when I received the call from Paul Marcianos assistant that the day is TODAY, was more of emotions coming over me, than I could ever imagine.

Question: Were there moments in your adult life that you wanted to radically change your look?

Nadine: No never, I was little miss sunshine since day one and I loved being kind of unique in a bunch of girls.

Question: Do you perceive what body you were endowed with, that is your advantage? 

Nadine: It is not all about the body. Our look is just one little thing. If you want to be considered as an attractive woman, it is always the human inside to outside. My body and especially my height was my biggest handicap at the beginning. But I remained true to myself and in the end, this was my secret to success.

Thank you, Nadine, for your time spent with this interview. It was a pleasure for us to be inspired by a top model, who dispel myths about perfect beauty.
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