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Service and Comfort of a 5 Stars Hotel in The Air?
Not a Problem, Gulfstream
Offers Even More

G7stream or G650? This is a question that some lucky ones will ask themselves. Of course, we will leave the decision to them, but let's look at some of the changes that the new G7 has brought. From the first moment, it was clear that the designers were obsessed with every inch. "We already had seats for 13 people," says Tim O'Hara, director of design innovation at Gulfstream. "For long missions, it made more sense to have a bedroom." 

A bedroom with its own bathroom is the highest advantage of every interior of the G7 aircraft. The intelligent foam mattress of the bed has been reduced from a reclining seat to a full sleep position by pressing a button on the smartphone in the aircraft, while the lighting goes out in parallel and the oval windows change from transparent to dark. A room with soft lighting, with just as soft music, immediately becomes a more luxurious hotel than the main room. 

Scale aside—the cabin's 57-foot length and eight-foot width look palatial—the real differentiators between the G700 and every other business jet are the small, smart, and often hidden details across the interior, as well as a commitment to using biofuel for its new-generation Rolls-Royce Pearl 700 engines.  

The G700 is a new way, it is a new choice for the most demanding clients. We look forward to seeing such a beautiful aircraft in the sky as much as possible. 

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