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Thin, Thinner, The Thinnest is
The Philosophy of Ultra-Thin
Clocks From Bulgari

Bulgari, the brand that has spoiled us in recent years with the ultra-thin watches they presented in the Octo Finissimo collection. One of the highlights of this set is undoubtedly the minute repeater. It is a natural attraction to follow experts because of the complex mechanism, but also because of the sound it emits. Many brands have invested heavily in improving vibration and tone as hammers hit the gongs, but Bulgari also focused on the size of the movement itself. Thanks to intelligent engineering, they managed to reach a thickness of only 3.12 mm, which is as amazing as the record. 

Making an ultra-thin movement is one thing, but to show off its exceptional qualities, you also need to keep the overall height of the watch down. Bulgari also achieved that, as its total thickness is a very modest 6.90mm. Despite this, have they been able to fit it with a transparent case back through which the marvelous manual wind movement can be admired in all its glory? The watch gets a new dimension when you hear it. Making such a thin caliber also means that the hammers can transfer less energy to the gongs, with as a result sets less air in motion. While this should have made a negative impact on the audible quality of the Octo Finissimo Minute Repeater is this not at all the case, and is the sound quite loud and vibrant. 

Where most minute repeaters feature a classic design, is the Octo Finissimo downright modern. Its origin can be traced back to the brilliant mind of Gerald Genta, who penned down the first generations of the Octo, which were released by the brand that bore his name before Bulgari acquired it in 2000. While rose gold is a very classic material, giving it a sandblasted finish makes all the difference. It provides the Octo Finissimo Minute Repeater a very contemporary look. This is surprising as Bulgari matched it with a brown matte alligator strap. Such a combination is very traditional, yet the shape and finish of the Octo Finissimo give it a different direction. This proves that this extraordinary watch excels not only by its movement but that even its design is capable of challenging and changing preset notions. 

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