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The Stellar Work of
Businessman Mani Nordine

If you have been to various world concerts of various events, events where various celebrities have performed, Mani Nordine has certainly played a role in some of them. You're probably wondering who Mani Nordine is. We will introduce it to you today. We will modestly say that Mani and his American Artists Company are among the world's leading players in the entertainment industry. At American Artists Company, they know how to organize a concert of 50 Cent, Bruno Mars, Chris Brown, Drake, Pharell Williams, and many other famous stars. 

His success began to take shape long before he and his partner founded the American Artists Company. He started working in show business in New York 20 years ago. He began collaborating with P. Diddy, Snoop Dogg , Rihanna , Migos and Akon at various events. They helped him make a decision and supported him in changing a job. With business partner LALOU, they opened their first office in Miami in 1997, and his stellar career has moved on. 

Mani is characterized by his hard work and the mentality of the winner. Every day, he humbly faces other challenges that come to him every day and fulfills them with enthusiasm and grace. 

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