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Explore The Depths of The Ocean
in Your Own Private Submarine

Many of us have travel plans. When this pandemic passes, many will decide to travel and discover the beauties of our amazing planet. While your acquaintances will be busy exploring our beautiful planet, Dutch submarine manufacturer U-Boat Worx can give us something to improve our plans. You need an adventure line, a desire to explore the deep depths of the ocean, a partner with whom you can share this experience, and money to buy the lightest submersible ever built. The submarine called Nemo is designed for personal use and can guide the pilot and passenger to a depth of 330 feet and can last up to eight hours at a time. The submarine has already gained some good points with fantastic features such as lightness (the submarine weighs only 5,510 pounds), is incredibly compact (Nemo is five feet tall, less than eight feet and nine feet long), so you can store on your yacht or it tow on a truck. Another notable feature is the manta controller, which brings intelligent assistance functions for pilots, such as "automatic routing" and "automatic dredging". OO feeling like an adventurer will no longer be just in your fantasies. 

Do you wanna play pilot and take a passenger down to depths of 330 feet? Then U-Boat Worx Nemo submarine is your toy that carries a price tag of roughly $1 million. Sale starts at $1 million for a standard model – color, lights, sonar – with additional packages that encompass anything from improved lighting, sonar, and navigation, to a manipulator's arm. It's important to know that 12 days of full-time training is required in order to become a certified Nemo pilot.  

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