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The Most Extravagant
Suites in Las Vegas

Showing up in front of your friends in Las Vegas is not that difficult. What happens in Vegas? ..... And if you want to make the most of your trip to Las Vegas, which includes breathtaking views from a huge room with souvenirs, the best services, swimming pools in the rooms, butlers on standby, then we have the options that this city willingly offers.

Chelsea Penthouse at the Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas

An unforgettable resort experience, coupled with crystal-encrusted wall textures, an unexpected art collection, and rich, hand-woven fabrics is what you can expect to be surrounded by. 2400 square feet of panoramic views, extravagant amenities, and outstanding service, combined with floor-to-ceiling windows, a separate wet bar, and a kitchenette with serving space makes the Chelsea Penthouse a top-five contender. 

Damien Hirst's Empathy Suite at Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas. 

British artist Damien Hirst has created a two-story history at Sin City. The place brags a bag of amenities like two master bedrooms, massage tables, a salt relaxation room, a cantilevered Jacuzzi that overlooks the Strip. The two bull sharks suspended in formaldehyde called winner/loser in a white tank, graphics of oversized pills, and flooring patterned with butterflies contribute to the OTT treatment of the Empathy Suite which spans 9,000 square feet. The other dramatic elements seen are a fish design above a 12-chair bar, a translucent cabinet filled with pills titled 'Monet', and 'The Winner Takes It All' cabinet filled with cubic zirconium gems. This is the suite where you can host the party of a lifetime even by Las Vegas standards or just unwind and indulge in some online social gambling. 

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