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Bijan: Ultra Luxury Store
For The Most Demanding

Ultra-luxury clothing store. Many imagine traditional luxury brands that they normally pull out of their wardrobe. But if we are talking about the ultra-luxury men's clothing store, you will certainly come across an icon in this category, the Bijan brand is the epitome of ultra-luxury. Crocodile leather hoodies with cashmere and an even more exclusive price tag of $ 18,000 are standard at Bijan. 

The business is so special that it's hard to find an ordinary mortal. Dear customers include billionaires, celebrities, the royal families of Prince Charles, Bill Gates, and many former US presidents. Bijan is about to open its new store and will look similar to its current unit, with a bright yellow facade and enchanting window details. The company expects construction to be completed in the fall of October this year. 

Nicolas Bijan, the co-CEO of House of Bijan and son of its late founder, explains the reasoning behind the big move and very similar storefront. "We are basically a landmark in the city of Beverly Hills, so to completely change the look of the place I think would've been a mistake," he says. "When you come inside it's reminiscent of the existing boutique but a little bit more updated and contemporary." That said, the new location will have about 3,000 more square feet than its existing space, and will house all of the brand's products as well as the company headquarters, including the creative and operational team.

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