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Pop Star Helly Luv Trying
to Change People's Destinies

"Kurdish Shakira", that's how we could name this pop star Helly Luv. A 31-year-old, beautiful, even ethereal woman born in Iran is not afraid to confront the Islamic State in her texts with campaigns for Kurdistan's independence. After fleeing the war in the Persian Gulf, she found herself in refugee camps in Turkey for several months, and then in the same year, she and her family came to Finland. "My childhood was marked by racism. I was the only girl in the class with dark hair and dark eyes. I was harassed, so I escaped the music. " 

We each carry our own destiny, but each of us struggles with it in our own way. Helly Luv is an example of an ambitious woman and her life destiny drove her ahead of her dreams at an early age, determined to penetrate the world of show business. She started working as a dance teacher and waitress between the ages of 16 and 17, before flying to Los Angeles.

When she was about to return to Finland, she was joined by the singer The-Dream, who collaborated with Rihanna, after hearing her on MySpace. "She called me on the phone, I sang Whitney Houston. She told me, "Pack your bags, you're going to New York tomorrow," Helly recalls.

She made a music video for "Revolution", the second single. The singer went to the border between Turkey and Syria. Together with their team, they were only 2.5 km from the ISIS fighters. "It was extremely dangerous, but I wanted to show the real struggle of the people, their real pain.

We prayed that everything would go well and that we would return safely and healthily, "recalls Helly Luv. The clip, shot in three months, is based on real images showing the bombing and persecution of the people by Daesh. 

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