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Limited Edition
QUI Rare Tequila

Cinco de Mayo, they celebrated this year at home with their loved ones and immediate family, instead of at a restaurant or bar, the founders of QUI Tequila recently released a limited edition of 2,000 bottles of 12-year-old añejo tequila called QUI Rare.The crown jewel of QUI Extra Añejo Tequila is dedicated to the extraordinary Community Workers' Program of the Restaurant Workers to help those who have supported such a spirit.

Medhat Ibrahim, the co-founder of QUI Tequila, said: "We founded the Qui Tequila brand ten years ago with a mission to market exceptionally old tequilas - we do not offer Blanco, repositories or even añejo tequila - just a beautiful addition to añejo tequila with QUI Rare. "

For every QUI Rare sold, the founders donate $ 50 to the National Restaurant Association's Employee Association to help employees help restaurant workers across the country. "Today, we wouldn't be here without the hospitality industry, including bartenders and servers across the country, from moms and pop restaurants to corporate groups like Nobu who adopted QUI when we were just starting out," Ibrahim said. "Captains in the spirits industry have made generous donations and we encourage them to continue donating some of their sales." 

QUI Rare has been carefully matured in hand-picked whiskey barrels from Tennessee and French Bordeaux for 12 years to create a true spirit. The final patented filtration and redistillation help to help in an attractive shade of golden honey with tempting aromas and aromas of sweet oak, roasted almonds, and a hint of maple with a long smooth buttery surface.The Wall Street Journal awarded QUI the "Five Best Bottles to Buy Now" and QUI won the Gold Medal in the Spirits of the Americas competition as the best-judged añejo. 

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