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Adrian Politowski, The Movie Producer
That Stands Behind Your Favorites

Adrian Politowski is the former CEO and co-founder of Umedia, and now has set up his new LA based company, Align, but let's get along. We would like to introduce this talented businessman. Like so many successful people, Adrian started it with desire and passion for his work. He grew up from a modest organization, where he worked with only 3 people. His business has grown respectably after 15 years as the head of an international production group founded in 2004. Since 2004, Umedia has invested more than $500 million.

His The company has become one of Europe's leading production groups, combining manufacturing, financial and visual effects. Now, his new shingle, Align intends to invest an additional $150 million by 2022 in 3 to 5 projects per year with budgets ranging from 5 to 30 million.

His talent and hard work got him into the world of spotlights, where he became a recognized producer. He has made more than 450 films, including hits such as HBO: My Brilliant Friend, Seven Sisters or I Kill Giants. Many of the films have received several prestigious awards, 11 Oscar nominations (5 wins) and 62 nominations (and 20 wins) at the French César Awards. Adrian Politowski is behind many of our favorite movies. We look forward to his further processing of it, which will be released in our cinemas.
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