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Bijan Has Created a Unique Artistic
Experience In The Limited Edition of
Aston Martin DBS Superleggera

Collaborations are a common business strategy for many brands, whether it's a brand that takes advantage of a celebrity or it's a brand to each other. However, some collaborations are exceptionally unique. One such collaboration is the collaboration of the iconic ultra-luxury brand House of Bijan and Aston Martin. These two icons came together to create a work of art on four wheels. A special edition Aston Martin DBS Superleggera to order, which was built in cooperation with a personalized service of luxury brands. An eye-catching yellow supersport was unveiled at the 1913 Aston Martin Club at Sunset Carmel in the city center. 

"We are excited and honored to have teamed up with Aston Martin Lagond to create a new BBSJ Edition DBS Superleggera," said Nicolas Bijan of the Bijan House. "This special edition perfectly embodies everything that Bijan is - the highest attention paid to detail, sophistication and, of course, timeless elegance," he continued. "Each Bijan Edition of DBS Superleggera is truly a piece of manageable art and a collector's dream." 

The car's unique enhancements include a delicate paisley pattern engraved in the hood coating, with interior details made of soft alligator leather; the owner's initials adapted to the veneer and, of course, the Iranian insignia throughout. The new edition is available to order through authorized Aston Martin dealers worldwide, as well as through the Bijan House.

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