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A New Gucci Restaurant
Has Opened its Doors

Led by Italian chef Massimo Bottura, the new Gucci Osteria has opened its doors on February 17th. At the helm of a first Gucci Osteria inaugurated in Florence, the tandem continues its collaboration with a second address, this time in Beverly Hills. 

Known for his fine cuisine, which reinterprets with panache the great classics of Italian gastronomy, Massimo Bottura shines at the top of the list of the greatest chefs of the moment. His Osteria Francescana, which has been dubbed one of the 50 best restaurants in the world, won the title of best restaurant in the world in 2018. Since then, the Italian chef has opened a hotel and collaborates regularly with the House of Gucci.  

Located on the roof of the Italian house's boutique, the kitchen is run by Mattia Agazzi, under the leadership of the chef and Karime López, who already works in the Florentine capital. Turning towards the boot, the menu features tortellini with cream of Parmigiano Reggiano, the famous Emilia burger, as well as new recipes inspired by California. All prepared with organic products from local farmers' markets. 

While the decor plunges visitors into the gleaming world of the Italian home with its Gucci Décor wallpaper, antique mirrors, red marble tables and wicker armchairs overlooking the California palms. 

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