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Limited Edition From 11 Ravens
Pool Table Exclusively For
Rolls Royce Customers

11 Ravens is known for its own work, unique design, and pomp. Luxurious gaming tables for celebrities and households, revised its most popular design to create and announce the Stealth R11 to the general public. This design was offered exclusively through the recently launched WHISPERS, a private social network, and shopping experience exclusively for Rolls-Royce owners. The Stealth billiard table has been on sale at the No. 1 brand for three years and is popular among 11 Ravens A-List clients. The bold aesthetic and distinctive attitude of the Stealth R11, which draws influence from the Stealth Bomber aircraft, radiates unwavering confidence and leaves a lasting impression.

In a limited edition of only 5 tables, the Stealth R11 was made exclusively for purchase by Rolls-Royce customers with a price tag for $250,000. The table, like Rolls-Royce, is the highest status symbol for luxury enthusiasts. Owners of the limited edition table will understand why the Stealth R-11 is a luxury gaming table car. 

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