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A Shipwreck
Hotel in Namibia

Designed to mimic the haunting shipwrecks of 20th-century ships that touch the Skeleton Coast National Park in Namibia, Shipwreck Lodge by Natural Selection is one of the most dramatic and architecturally interesting cottages in Africa. In fact, the architecture and design of this lodge were inspired by the remains of the actual shipwrecks that line the coast within the national park. 

Located in the Skelton Coast National Park, this property is located on the rough and rugged mantle of the African wilderness, where towering sand dunes and the windswept Atlantic coast twist up and down. The extraterrestrial geography of the Skeleton coast remains relatively cool throughout the year due to fog from the ocean, creating a mysterious and haunting environment. Therefore, Shipwreck Lodge has been designed to provide relaxation from outside climatic conditions with interiors that are soulful, soothing, and extremely cozy for guests. The guest cabins are a luxurious retreat from the harsh environment and are complemented by a thick, faux fur blanket, hot water bottles, and wood-burning stoves that prevent the Atlantic from cooling off in the morning and evening. 

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