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Interview with Vincent Biessy, a.k.a.
DJ Magnum: One of The Best DJs Today

French native Vincent Biessy, a.k.a. DJ Magnum. Today we would like to bring you an exclusive interview with this phenomenal DJ, who will open the door among the Top DJs and tell us what it's like to work with the best singers, producers, and celebrities in the world. DJ Magnum is one of the best DJs today. His collaborations with stars such as Puff Daddy, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, or Rhianna have already become part of his daily professional career. Many of the most-watched events demand his presence such as the Cannes Film Festival, the Monte Carlo Grand Prix, and ArtBasel.

Question: Hi Vincent, your career so far is really phenomenal, you embody the DJ dream. You have become one of the top DJs in the world. When did you start DJing? Who influenced and motivated you so much that you started to devote yourself fully to DJing?

I started DJing when I was 14 years old I was totally passionate about Urban culture (rap, breakdance, graffiti, DJ) and after seeing the movie La Haine with the classic scene of DJ Cut Killer killing the turntables at his apartment window, it just became obvious that it was what I wanted to do. But never ever imagined it would become my job.

Question: What do you personally consider a turning point in your artistic career, thanks to which you got to where you are now?

The turning point in my career definitely was when I decided to stop being a resident DJ and start touring.I started as resident DJ of VIP Room clubs during 3 years where I learned everything of "How to be the best club DJ" (Jean-Roch is the best possible school for a DJ et literally taught me that I should be able to play every kind of music as I was only playing Hip Hop and how to always keep the crowd up) . After that, I stopped this residency and my Manager Wafaa who created her agency (Between Agency) told me it was time to start touring, things went extremely fast. After a few months, she brought me on my first event with Puff Daddy and I started to be more and more booked all over the world.

Question: How did you feel when you were approached and discovered by Puff Daddy and asked to join him at all his European events?

It all came so fast, I was lucky enough to DJ his event during Cannes Film Festival as his DJ missed his plane, and after that, he started to ask me for all his events across Europe also did a concert in NYC, etc…  I was extremely thankful but to be honest it was like in a dream, I couldn't believe it was real. I was working for my idols (people that I thought I would never see outside of MTV videos)

Question: We know that you co-produced with Kanye West the songs "Otis" and "New Day" on "Watch the throne" and "Bound 2" on "Yeezus" albums for Kayne West and Jay-Z. How did you perceive this collaboration with such icons as Kayne West and Jay-Z?

Jay-z and Beyonce asked me to DJ for their Easter dinner party they were organizing in Paris and Kanye was one of the guests. I was extremely surprised when I saw him coming to talk to me, we discussed music for a few minutes and then he asked me if I wanted to come to the studio with them to work on this new project they were doing (Watch The Throne) I was literally shocked but tried to act like it's totally normal for me, lol.  We went to a studio that they improvise into 2 rooms of Le Meurice Hotel and started to listen to some samples. That's where we came with the idea of the song Otis which was the first single of the album. But to be very honest, I had no idea if the song would even come out, I was just blessed and again still in a dream that I shared those special moments with them.

Question: The chemistry between artists must work. If you had to name some of those you've worked best with, who would they be?

Best chemistry would, of course, be with Puff as we worked together so many times that we know exactly what the other one gonna do and what to do next. But every artist is different and that's what I love about my job is being able to study them, discover their universe and inspiration and from there performing the best possible set that will make them and the clubs crowd dance all night. But to name a few: my favorite parties were with Puff, Jay-z, Beyonce, Kanye, and Pharrell.

Question: Can you tell us what we can expect in the near future of your work?

I'm currently working on my own music. It's not easy to find his own style as a producer so I hope that I will soon able to deliver my first single and music that reflects my image. I also recently dropped a mixtape with my friend from Miami DJ Sub Zero. We thought it was a good idea during those tough times for the people to give them a little dose of happiness with this mixtape.

Question: What would you say to some young and growing DJs?

I see a lot of young DJ's coming to the industry and to be very honest I think its amazing to see so many passionate kids. If I could give one advice it would simply be: Be yourself and if you are lucky enough to make it a job always do this job for the good reasons. That should be a passion for music and to share this music with the people. Cause as famous as the DJ can be he should never forget that it's him who comes for the people and not the opposite.

Check out DJ Magnum's latest mixtape!   

Vincent, you are really the inspiration for many new DJs, we are already looking forward to your live performances with the amazing atmosphere that people can come to enjoy in Twiga Monte Carlo. Thank you, Vincent, we wish you the best in your career.
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