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The Scandal Fragrance
For Every Woman's Collection

The Scandal line by Jean Paul Gaultier has just been extended with the attractive edition So Scandal as the fourth fragrance of the line, the most fruity and flowery of all editions. The new flacon follows the design of the Scandal line and is closely connected with the La Belle creation when it comes to the pleated glass shape and the rich red color of the juice. What can we expect from So Scandal?  

The Scandal is based on the very essence. Orange blossom, so bright, Sambac jasmine so opulent and tuberose so powdery: a threesome of white flowers that one could have sworn would deliver an angelic sweetness.  And boom! It's a bomb of all that is sensual! Juicy raspberry, a gourmet milkiness with sexy undertones presses all the carnal buttons. A simple aphrodisiac, a deadly weapon that's deeply erotic."  

The latest So Scandal! is a sexy, fruity, and floral bomb. In the introduction, a rich raspberry liqueur combined with ripe red fruit and blood orange juice is highlighted, brightened with sunshades to keep the fruit alive and alive. The milky and creamy flower bouquets that follow create a bubble-gummy and sparkling effect enriched with sparkling champagne, giving the composition a vibration, not limiting it too sweet candies like nuances.

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