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A Predator Hidden in
The Body of a Moncler eBike

Adrenaline enthusiasts were just pumping a new dose when they heard about adrenaline in the form of e-Mate x Moncler eBike. The expected limited edition eBike Mate x Moncler Genius 2020 is an intelligent and predatory animal, suitable for city driving and mountain exploration. Whether you just want to go on a block trip, enjoy the hilly surroundings, or embark on adventurous adventures on dangerous rocky roads, this eBike is very well equipped to handle snow and difficult terrain. The Mate x Moncler Genius edition is the fastest and strongest friend to date with physical benefits, perfect design, and some useful intelligent features.

Intelligent technology allows users to wirelessly customize the Mate environment with full access to performance settings. Includes remote live surveillance and an anti-theft system with SDM (Self Destruct Mode). Its physical strength can be attributed to aluminum in space and a 250 W or 1,000 W motor with tuned power that allows the eBike to hit speeds of up to 52 km / h / 32 mph. Let's talk about aesthetics now; The top white Mate x Moncler color is a glossy all-white edition that draws inspiration from snow-capped mountains, alpine glaciers, and is equally dressed in all whites directly from all-white tires and white metal details. The second color option is the dark black Mate, which draws inspiration from the shadows of cascading peaks, dark gorges, and dark untested forests. Both versions are covered with tricolor Moncler labels and premiere the collaboration logo, which looks too cool. 

The advantage of this eBike several times is how it can be easily folded in three simple steps and comes with its own quilted quilt Moncler created in technical microfiber with nylon varnish. The removable cover helps keep the battery warm for maximum range at sub-freezing temperatures. Moncler Genius x Mate is available to pre-order exclusively on Indiegogo; it will also be available at select Moncler flagship stores around the world for an initial price of $ 2,710. 

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