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Individualism in Every
Detail of Bugatti Divo


Extraordinary customization is part of Divo's ownership experience. We haven't seen Divo in public since, and not just because only 40 were destined for production. Deliveries for the exclusive hypercar have not yet begun, but that will change.

In a press release, Bugatti describes in detail how cars are ordered and manufactured. With Divo, it's not just that the buyer clicks on some pictures on the computer. Bugatti invites potential owners to its headquarters in Molsheim, where they choose individual colors, interior materials, and even their own designs. This process can take up to five hours, so every Divo is a tailor-made creation. Buying such a unique car must be an experience. 

"Customers often have their own ideas, such as family crests, national flags, their own logos or special color schemes," explains Bugatti sales coordinator Anne Beynat. "Then we will try to implement these ideas from a technical point of view. Some customers choose leather and color to match their handbag or favorite shoes. Most of them already own Bugatti, so we know their preferences. All our customers already run at least one Chiron for the Divo model. " 

Customization can also be extended to colors or materials. Bugatti says special features can include everything from embossed children's prints to names embroidered indoors. Special logos can be connected to the wheels and customization is available even with grilles. Colors are the predominant area for your own touch, and on this front, you can choose everything from overall exterior shades to colors for vents and even specific panels.

Now just endure, for the first moments with these works of art, on four wheels as they travel on the sunny roads of LA, the French Riviera, and Miami. 

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