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The Roger Dubuis Excalibur
Diabolus Formula Defining The Brand

What does Roger Dubuis do? What exactly has characterized the brand in recent years? Excalibur Diabolus In Machina has this formula defining the brand and adds a minute repeater to the mixture. You were interested, weren't you? 

Diabolus in Machina begins on a 45 mm x 16.8 mm case made of a patented material called CarTech Micro-Melt BioDur CCMTM. A complicated label, if we simplify it, it is the metal that starts as a powder and then sintered into a solid form. Its biggest advantage over stainless steel is that it is more resistant to wear and that it stays shiny even if it is scratched and abraded. Roger Dubuis can write about this material because he has it as his only watchmaker. Here they chose it as the basis for the watch. Typically, tourbillons are open-plan houses. They are highly skeletonized and there is more air than metal or carbon between the two crystals.

These watches, on the other hand, are primarily about density.The real centerpiece here is a tiny repeater that has been fine-tuned for this particular watch. First, it has a transparent disc with the words hours, quarters, and minutes, which rotates when the amplifier rings these different intervals, which visually reminds you of what you hear. It's just behind the Roman numeral at 11:00, so you have to watch it closely. 

The watch also has a nice safety function in the form of a function indicator next to the crown. This will tell you if the watch is in winding or setting mode so that you do not accidentally change the time the amplifier is activated (which could cause serious damage). There is also a mechanism in the 10-hour activation of the button that prevents partial activation. It's all or nothing that protects you from possible headaches.
 The watch is a unique piece and deserves to be part of the Roger Dubuis collection. 

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