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Princess Y85 Is The
Path of a New Design

The Princess Y85 has been declared a stepping stone for the new look of future Princess yachts. Antony Sheriff, executive chairman of the UK yard, joined Princess from McLaren, builders of million-dollar supercars, so it's not entirely surprising that he added Pininfarina to his design team for this new yacht.Pininfarina, if you are not a car enthusiast, lags behind the style of almost every Ferrari since the turning point of 212 in 1951. Pinin has also created a stunning series of cars for the Maserati, Alfa, and Lancia groups. In short, innovative designs are no stranger to him. "We have a design ethos that is about elegance and understatement," says Sheriff. "There are other boats on the market that choose to be more dramatic – I think they can look a bit angry. We prefer to be beautiful." 

Viewed in profile, the Princess Y85 is unquestionably elegant, and Simona Penna, marketing manager at Pininfarina, suggests one reason: "The most important stylistic feature of this boat is demonstrated with the design and interpretation of the hardtop. This part is, in fact, usually a critical element for nautical designs in that it often appears detached from the rest of the boat." Unlike many other boats where hardtops seem to be afterthoughts or tacked-on options, the Y85's hardtop is part and parcel of the lines.  

Princess's director of design, Andy Lawrence, sums up the new look. "This is the project that established a unique design partnership between the Princess Design Studio, naval architect Bernard Olesinski, and Pininfarina. The Y85 leads a new interior/exterior design language for the Y Class range. The exterior living spaces are richer than any previous Princess, with high levels of paintwork to seating and wet bars accentuating their form. Teak details give a soft tactile warmth both underfoot and to key touchpoints, such as the capping to the aft flybridge glass screens," he says. 

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