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The Man Standing Behind
The Leadership of Bugatti

Stephan Winkelmann is the man behind the leadership of the most prestigious brands. His exceptional career, which an ordinary person would need for at least three lives, is astonishing in every period of his life. This native of Germany spent more than 30 years in Italy. 

Stephan Winkelmann received the highest titles in the Italian Republic (first officer of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic and then a knight of the Grand Cross), of course for his outstanding work achievements, as well as lieutenant midfielder German Army. Stephan Winkelmann lived in Turin and Bologna and after graduating from Rome, with a degree in political science at the University of Munich. He began his professional career in 1991 in the world of finance, then worked for Mercedes-Benz, then joined what will become the current FCA Group in 1994, and in 2005 faced a challenge that brought him a real leap in professional life. career, ie taking over the position of President and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini SpA.

Figures show that for all of his last period in Bologna in 2015, it ended with a turnover of 872 million euros and the production of 3,245 units or + 28% for the fifth year in a row - and were recorded even earlier in Alfa Romeo and Fiat. 

But who really is Stephan Winkelmann? In addition to his duties, personal and professional training, Stephan Winkelmann is a dream man. Thanks to his invaluable qualities, which reflect his career, and therefore Bugatti decided to entrust the management of the brand to him. Because no other person could be suitable to lead Bugatti (thanks to his record results, first with a house of bulls and then with a house of four rings). Yes, because the mission entrusted to the German by the Italian formation is not the simplest at all, on the contrary: it could be said that it borders on the impossible.

Stephan Winkelmann joined Bugatti as in-depth expertise in the sports car and luxury sector. With its many years of experience in these areas, sensitivity in exclusive customer relations and a deep understanding of the brand, Winkelmann will give new impetus to Bugatti and lead this special brand to a successful future "): to lead a famous French carmaker This year 's anniversary was awarded the Chiron Sport 110 Ans Bugatti brand) in line with the goals of the brand' s coat of arms. 

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