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Italian Dynasty of
Buccellati Jewelers

A proud Italian company called Buccellati Holding Italia creates jewelry and watches with Italian nobility. It was formed by merging two companies, father and son Gianmario Buccellati and Mario Buccellati. 

Let's look back to the past when Mario Buccellati first opened his business, the year was 1919. Business abroad began to develop after the establishment of stores in Milan, Florence, and Rome. He opened a brand new store located in New York City in 1954 and another in 1958 located on Florida's Worth Avenue Palm Beach. Then, in 1949, Pope Pius XII. He wanted to create an icon that would leave a mark of power on the British Kingdom's first visit to the Vatican in many years, so he commissioned Mario Buccellati to do so. Mr. Buccellati's elegant work can be admired and seen in a museum in Tuscany called the Chianciano Art Museum.

After Mario's death in 1965, four of his five sons took over the company and began to run it. In 1971, one of Mario's sons launched a new brand called Gianmaria Buccellati, started his own business without his brothers, then struck a deal with some of his relatives who transformed the company and named it Buccellati Holding Italia in 2011. 

In December 2016, a holding group from China purchased 85% control of Buccellati's stake. After 2016, in September 2019, Cie Financiere Richemont acquired 100% of the Buccellati brand from Gangtai.
The most talented of all is called Jeanmarie, not only did he keep the business going or continue what his parents started, but he successfully developed it! To this day, he owns the business with his wife and three children. 

They have been representatives of Buccellati for four generations. He and his daughter Andrea are the ones who create new designs for their business, his son Gino is the one who runs a company that specializes in the production of silver jewelry, and his last child Maria Cristina is in charge of the advertising and public relations department. Now we can't forget about his beautiful wife Rosie. She is in charge of managing the scope of the brand.

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