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Pierre Gasly
The Talented Formula 1 Driver

A talented racer who, thanks to his career results, has the privilege of driving in the world's most prestigious Formula 1 race. Want to know more? We have some interesting information for you about Pierre.   

A French native riding for the AlphaTauri team. There is one person who knows how fate can create an opportunity to become a Formula 1 driver. It's Pierre Gasly! The Flying Frenchman was invited to make his debut in 2017 in Malaysia instead of Daniil Kvyat. He showed the right dose of ferocity and professionalism, which was guaranteed by a seat in the Toro Rosso team. Then the rosaries came to Red Bull and back to Toro Rosso again. For the current season, which is marked by an unfavorable situation around the world, he rides for the AlphaTauri team, where he would like to show his skills and talent for gaining points. 

Pierre is not just a fast machine lover. Like a true Frenchman, he loves football, which he tries to play every time he has the opportunity. With his presence at the matches, he also supports his friends from the best French club PSG. We know Pierre as a conscientious, ambitious, and competitive professional who has already shown that he can win and keep up with the best Formula 1 drivers.

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