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Mansory and His
New Hedonist

Mansory, known to the car manufacturer, took the F12 model under his wing to make it predatory without compromising hedonist. If you lack self-confidence, this unique model will definitely pump it into the right places. On the Super12 Softkit 812, you will not find any large rear wing or marble carbon fiber effect. That Ferrari front end now features a new front lip with some extremely pronounced winglets, as well as an angry-looking carbon fiber splitter inside the grille. 

Behind the back is a small new spoiler and a sturdy diffuser, which contains an F1-style LED brake light. This is the right direction. The whole look is a bit annoying, but the overall impression of this adjustment could be assessed as successful, Mansory simply and clearly knows what he is doing.

The German tuner was actually quite restrained. And he doesn't even talk about engine modifications. Great news, because the 612-liter V12 engine with 789 hp 812 hp, which is naturally sucked in, is a masterpiece - and we certainly wouldn't want your German teacher to dig into the masterpiece. In conclusion, we would add just about the Mansory is a great choice for those who want something unique, this tuner from Germany will definitely guarantee you that. For us, thumbs up. Good work. 

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