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Fender Was Inspired by The Saleen S1
and The Perfect Stratocaster 1
Guitar Was Created

There are many brands and many designers looking for inspiration, whether it is in nature or in something that is already made, and so new exciting shapes are created. The Fender manufacturer was inspired by the Saleen S1 sports car. We can say that cars and guitars have the same enthusiasts who like loud sound, the power of high-performance machines, whether mechanical or musical. Here we could say that there was a harmonious union of the two worlds, from which came the wonderful creation, Stratocaster 1.

Probably no guitar maker is as well- known as Fender, whose Stratocaster changed the landscape of rock ’n’ roll with its sound and has held a magnetic attraction for almost every notable guitarist across the last 60 years. In a rare collaboration, Fender and specialty car builder Saleen Automotive have created a custom electric six-string inspired by the Saleen S1, a mid-engine sports car from the boutique manufacturer made famous by its S7 supercar and high-performance Mustangs.

If we start with the proportions, there is something to be praised here, because this version is a hand-made body of carbon fiber, where, just like in the vehicle itself, the weight was kept to a minimum. The aesthetics are enhanced by a roasted alder center block and a hand-carved maple. The whole look was added by the beautiful deep red.
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