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The Bel Air Neighborhood
Offers a Villa With a $100 Million
Price Tag

Looking at this unique villa with this unique price tag, we will certainly not be surprised if we talk about it only in superlatives. This is Unica. A new Spanish villa with an area of 41,000 square feet, located on a hill in the Bel-Air district of Los Angeles, defines the resort - we dare say it is hedonistic - housing. The location itself suggests that it is a villa without compromises, literally.

It's the creation of Westside Property Group's developer Ty Cueva, who gave Dean Hall of LA-based Hallo Construction company the daunting task of digging up a piece of Bel-Air to create space for a home. Do you like watching movies at the cinema? Here you go, there is a 36-seat cinema in the house. You like the wellness, well here you go and wellness center with swimming pool, spa and huge gym. After a pleasant relaxation, you can move on to wine tasting. 

For car lovers, there is an underground garage for 20 cars, located next to the indoor basketball court, which turns into a nightclub dance floor at the touch of a button. Oh, did we mention 21 bathrooms, a most modern recording studio, and eight bars? The house is designed so that each floor has its own character and purpose. There is a living floor, a party floor, a wellness floor, and all the rooms are on the top floor. 

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