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Krugger K1600 a
Monster Transformation

Today we will not present any news from the workshop of Triumph or another manufacturer of traditional motorcycles, we will go back a little in time and remember the Krugger K1600 model. This Krugger K1600 motorcycle, its life began as the BMW K1600 - which if you are not familiar with it, is a magnificent dream motorcycle that you would choose on the whole continent. It is the two-wheel equivalent of a 5-series. BMW Motorrad France has commissioned the award-winning Fred "Krugger" Bertrand motorcycle, and Krugger has completed the artwork above and placed the word "rad" in the "Motorrad" category. 

It's certainly polarizing. Love it or hate it, the Krugger K1600 "NURBS" -- named after the Non-Uniform Rational B-spline, if you're wondering, and also a nod to the Nurburgring -- looks like no other touring bike on the road or no other motorcycle: it's a steampunk Tron, an Art Deco streamliner. The construction includes its own frame for a six-cylinder engine and radiators moved sideways. The single-row swings are connected by both wheels, forged from one-piece aluminum. The swings themselves resemble two-colored beams. The fuel tank was moved under the seat. And the fuel filler? It is perfectly integrated under the tail section - and still uses the original filling cap -. 

The Krugger K1600 just knows how to impress. 

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