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Interview: The President of company Habanos S.A
Moulay Omar Zahraoui

While last year was a milestone for Habanos S.A as it hosted one of the first cigar trade shows in Africa, this year they plan to invite all cigar lovers and tobacco distributors to their second cigar show in Casablanca, Africa's cigar capital. This unique event will take place in December. We received the privilege of co-founder Moulay Omar Zahraoui to make an interview with him.

Question: Moulay Omar Zahraoui, it is an honor for us to create a space for conversation that will bring people closer to your life and experience in this industry. Being the CEO of a company as large as Habanos S.A at your age is truly respectable. When did you decide to go on this journey to the tobacco industry?

The company Habanos S.A was created and located in the industrial zone of Ain Sebaa in Casablanca Morocco in December 2011. After the liberalization of the tobacco sector, I got the license of tobacco manufacturing and distribution and I wanted to invest in this project.

Question: How long has your family been in the tobacco business, who got involved in starting this business?

The Zahraoui Family Group was involved in the beginning. We have been in this industry for 9 successful years now.

Question: What are the biggest highlights within the business?

Our biggest highlight is the Moroccan National Society, 1st cigar factory in Africa, Leader 100% in the PREMIUM cigar industry Handcrafted from the finest tobacco grown in the Kingdom of Morocco. We’re specialized in developing premium and sophisticated handcrafted Moroccan cigars!

Question: What are your and your company's next ambitions?

We are ready to give payment facilities of $1 million to each distributor in African countries. Our cigars are ready for export. It is thanks to the policy of his majesty King Mohamed Vl that encourages African countries for the development, industrialization, and creation of jobs.

Question: Who are your biggest clients?

We have signed contracts with 24,000 tobacconists in the Kingdom of Morocco and distributors in the USA which makes them our best customers.

Question: How do you feel about starting a company in Morocco?

I am a very ambitious businessman, so if I look retrospectively at what we have created, it has been my dream since childhood and I am justifiably proud of it.

Question: We mentioned that you are organizing the 2nd year of the event for cigar lovers this year. What do you expect from this event?

We invite cigar aficionados from all over the world, who come to have fun and enjoy the atmosphere we bring to the festival. My goal and brand goal is to become one of the first cigar brands in the world.

Thanks to Moulay Omar Zahraoui for his time he found for us.
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