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When Do You Become
Actually Rich?

An extensive study by Ameriprise Financial called Modern Money came up with an interesting finding: only 13% of people with more than $ 1 million in assets can be considered rich. What do we mean by that? As many as 87% of millionaires don't think they're "rich." Of course, today, a million dollars is not what 20 or 50 years ago. But it's still a million, which is no negligible amount. 

So why do as many as 87% of millionaires think they are not rich? 

Where these people live and in what society they also play a big role. The cost of living is extremely high in big cities, which influences a person to think that he is not rich and that he belongs to the middle class. Alternatively, they have much larger goals and do not yet consider "wealth" what they have achieved. According to Bill Murphy of Inc., who met a group of wealthier people, even the richest of the group often talked about bigger houses, more expensive yachts, more impressive vacations. 

They seem to have focused on other, larger goals and not stood still. After all, they can always be better and richer. And when someone asks them how rich they are, the vast majority of them answer: compared to what? 

Yes, you need to think about whether you want to pursue a lifetime of success that you will not enjoy at the end of your life. We should always follow a certain rule that balances the pursuit of success with how we can enjoy a full life in each period. The freedom we desire is not always based on financial reward, it should be the state of your mind and the feeling with which you wake up every morning and with which you go to bed every night.

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